Building Rules Certification & combined BCA/DDA Consultancy, Adelaide SA

Trento Fuller provides Building Certification and Consultancy advice in relation to all aspects of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) & Disability Access

RESIDENTIAL - Hackney Hotel [Botaniq] Apartments

HEALTH - Repatriation Hospital Redevelopment

 OFFICE -  Wright Street Redevelopment   

 RESIDENTIAL -  Dusk Apartments Henley Beach   


Our services:

Building Certification & Consultancy

Our Building Certifiers are highly qualified and have extensive experience working on a range of development projects. We have worked closely with design teams to provide BCA Certification and advice.


Access Consultancy

Avoid the risk of a potential complaint being made to the Australian Human Rights Commission for a discrimination or breach of human rights in the built environment. Talk to us about our access consultancy services.


Livable Housing Australia

All NDIS/SDA housing requires Livable Housing Australia (LHA) certification. Trento Fuller is one of only five accredited LHA assessors in SA. Only an accredited LHA assessor can assign a design with the appropriate LHA level and logo.


Energy Assessments

Our accredited Energy Assessors have the capabilty to assess a range of building types from Class 1 dwellings and Class 2 apartments (using the 2nd Generation FirstRate5 Software ) to Commerical Deemed To Satisfy (DTS) Energy reports.