Building Rules Certification & combined BCA/DDA Consultancy, Adelaide SA

The New SA PDI ACT and Regulations

There has been much discussion about the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 [PDI Act] and most recently another delay in the commencement within urban areas to September. Generally, the way in which we will deal with future planning and building approval aspects through various forms of new legislations and building codes, will change considerably, and may seem quite overwhelming.

The PDI is now already in force as part of a divided implementation process, this is outlined as:

  1. Phase One (Outback) – July 2019: Code introduced to land not within a council area.
  2. Phase Two (Rural) – July 2020: Code to be introduced to rural councils.
  3. Phase Three (Urban) – September 2020: Code will become active in all areas in South Australia.

Some of the key points of change that are pertinent to building approvals are as follows:

  1. A Certificate of Occupancy is now required for class 1 dwellings (this includes class 1b [boarding house, holiday accommodation, etc.].
  2. Building Consent can now be issued and lodged onto an online portal prior to Council completing the Planning Consent [Trento Fuller will provide necessary links and advice to our Clients regarding the Portal as further information is released by DPTI].
  3. The relevant person who is signing the Part B Owners statement cannot be the same person who has signed the Part A Builders Statement.
  4. Minister approval is no longer required if a building certifier resigns from an engagement.
  5. Increase in the number of inspections required by Council [including all projects completed by a Private Certifier] with new mandatory completion inspection for 90% of Commercial projects.