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Step by step guide for builders

Plan SA Portal – Guide for Builders

As experienced Private Certifiers, we have put our heads together to develop a step by step guide especially for the construction industry, to assist with builders’ mandatory notifications as well as completion of documentation for issue of a Certificate of Occupancy through the SA Planning Portal.

Two key changes that came with the implementation of the South Australian Planning, Development and Infrastructure (PDI) Act and Regulations and the introduction of the PlanSA Portal in 2021 are continuing to affect how builders lodge mandatory notifications and apply for a Certificate of Occupancy. Note that if the mandatory notifications of various stages of the build are not received, Councils have the ability to apply fines. Builders are also now required to upload and send all the completion documents (Part A, B, Form 2 and Fire Reports) through the PlanSA Portal.

Be aware too that a Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued on the same day on which you apply. Private Certifiers are required to wait until Council have inspected the building and their inspection queries have been addressed. Only once this has occurred can the Certifier grant the Certificate of Occupancy.

Click here for our Step by Step Guide for the PlanSA Portal.