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Attention Architects

Changes to the National Construction Code will take effect on 1 May. Find out how they affect your current and future projects with a special 45 minute presentation at your premises by Trento Fuller Director, Luke Trento.

This presentation is designed for architects, property developers, project management firms and government agencies. Topics covered include key changes to the National Construction Code, what you need to do, and when you need to do it, to ensure compliance for your current and future projects.

Trento Fuller is now offering an opportunity for you to book a session for your team for a comprehensive update developed by a team who understand your priorities and what’s relevant for you.

Limited sessions available so book your NCC Update session by phoning Louisa Foster on 8310 0212 now.

Plan SA Portal – Guide for Builders

As experienced Private Certifiers, we have put our heads together to develop a step by step guide especially for the construction industry, to assist with builders’ mandatory notifications as well as completion of documentation for issue of a Certificate of Occupancy through the SA Planning Portal.

Two key changes that came with the implementation of the South Australian Planning, Development and Infrastructure (PDI) Act and Regulations and the introduction of the PlanSA Portal in 2021 are continuing to affect how builders lodge mandatory notifications and apply for a Certificate of Occupancy. Note that if the mandatory notifications of various stages of the build are not received, Councils have the ability to apply fines. Builders are also now required to upload and send all the completion documents (Part A, B, Form 2 and Fire Reports) through the PlanSA Portal.

Be aware too that a Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued on the same day on which you apply. Private Certifiers are required to wait until Council have inspected the building and their inspection queries have been addressed. Only once this has occurred can the Certifier grant the Certificate of Occupancy.

Click here for our Step by Step Guide for the PlanSA Portal.

New e-Planning Portal launches on 19 March 2021

On 19 March 2021, the Planning, Development & Infrastructure (PDI) Act and Regulations will come into effect in South Australia. As a result, all stakeholders will be required to use, interact and work with the e-Planning Portal.

Trento Fuller is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to this new platform, in a manner that will result in minimal disruption to our service delivery.

Help us help you!

We invite you to collaborate with us in the following ways:

·         Ensure the engagement/application from has all details filled out (including current owner and estimated development cost).

·         Upload the engagement form to the ePortal, or send us the form directly.

·         Choose Trento Fuller as your private certifier (in the ePortal) as soon as you have accepted our fee submission, regardless of whether planning consent has been granted. This will enable us to start preliminary work on your application.

·         Where possible, combine documents to be uploaded to the e-Portal, and choose the most relevant drop-down field (eg floor plans). If documents are combined, it is less time consuming for us to undertake our assessment.

Procedural changes

Please be aware of the following changes:

·         Requests for Information (RFI’s) – Trento Fuller will undertake the assessment process outside the ePortal system, so the process of emailing RFI’s and responses will not change. Trento Fuller will collate this information at project completion and then upload responses and plan amendments to the ePortal for your convenience.

·         Variations to existing approvals – please liaise with Trento Fuller and we will advise the best way forward for any variations.

·         Staged applications – Private Certifiers are no longer able to promptly Stage a Building Rules Consent. If you are planning on staging your development, please request this through Council during the planning assessment stage. Any subsequent request to Stage will be treated (by the ePortal) as an amendment to the application which then requires approval from the Council planning officer.

Note that for any application deemed to be an Accepted Development (previously known as a Schedule 1a), Trento Fuller will lodge the application onto the e-Portal on your behalf.

Please further note that for any works pertaining to DDA/BCA Consultancy and Audits, as well as Crown certification applications, our existing process will not change.

Helpful documentation

For your reference, Plan SA has provided a number of helpful documents which you may like to peruse. Click on the links below to gain access.

Creating An Applicant Online Account

Fact Sheet – DA checklist Building

Paying a Fee Advice Online

Submit a Development Application

Further information

If you have any questions or concerns in respect of using the ePortal system, you may contact Plan SA via email or phone 1800 752 664. We also recommend a visit to the Plan SA website, which has a variety of videos and factsheets, at

Luke Trento is also offering his time to discuss these changes with your office directly, if necessary. Feel free to touch base with our team to arrange a time.