Building Rules Certification & combined BCA/DDA Consultancy, Adelaide SA


 APARTMENT - Colley Terrace Apartments (Taplin) (BCA Certification)

 EDUCATION - Adelaide Botanic High School Additions (BCA / DDA Consultant)

 HEALTH - Mt Barker Hospital (BCA / DDA Consultant)

 HEALTH - The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Redevelopment  

 APARTMENT [BUILD TO RENT] - Sentinel Bowden Apartments (BCA Certification / DDA Consultant / LHA Design)

 RECREATIONAL - Mt Barker Regional Aquatic Centre (BCA Certification)

 HOTEL - Halifax Street Luxury Hotel (BCA Certification)

 SPORTS & EDUCATION - South Australian Sports Institute Redevelopment  

 HEALTH - Eastwood Hospital (BCA & DDA)  

 SPORTS & LEISURE - Adelaide Crows Headquarter [DDA]   

 APARTMENT - Uniting SA Apartments  

 SPORTING - Salisbury Aquatic Centre (BCA Certification & Changing Place)  

 HOTEL - Panorama Hotel (BCA Certification)  

 INDUSTRIAL - Factory of the Future 

 SPORTING - Allan Scott Port Adelaide Football Club Headquarters  

 MIXED USE - Field Street Restaurant & Student Accommodation  

 HOTEL & APARTMENTS - Hackney Hotel [Botaniq]

APARTMENT - Glenelg North Apartments (Adelphi Terrace)

 RESIDENTIAL - Cedar Woods Housing Development  

 EDUCATION - Norwood Morialta High School



Luke Trento and Stan Fuller have provided Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA) Certification and Consultancy services on a vast number of projects in the South Australian public and private sector. Trento Fuller takes pride in supporting an approachable and collaborative style which ensures that advice is tailored to the requirements of clients whilst ensuring that regulatory requirements are also met. Our ability to advise on both BCA & DDA disciplines offers a unique advantage to our clients in that it allows us to provide a complete and more structured, cost effective service. READ MORE